hacking the art of exploitationDemonstrated the method of removal of restrictions firmware NVIDIA GTX690 graphics card.

As you know, some inexpensive card NVIDIA have identical hardware stuffing with more expensive and efficient models, but are limited in their ability level firmware.

Enthusiasts have found a way to remove these limitations by removing the two resistors on the board. After these manipulations are available for the system blocked in some cheaper models features (GPU frequency is not changed), which allows the presence of the appropriate drivers to bring the functionality of the NVIDIA GTX690 graphics card to the level of the model Quadro K5000, which is more expensive than the initial fee of $ 800, or Tesla K10.

Hacking NVidia Cards

Hacking NVIDIA results

Hacking NVIDIA results

And stock, the GTX690 is clocked FASTER then the K5000 and the Tesla K10, so you are getting a faster card in comparison, not making the GTX690 faster.

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