Kinect for Windows SDKMicrosoft today announced the latest version of SDK Kinect set for the operating system Windows. The company said that the update released today – this is the global update SDK Kinect for latest year.

Starting today, developers can download the kit itself as well as guidance on the design of software interfaces.

Kinect for Windows Interactions transform how people interact with computers.

Note that the set of SDK Kinect for Windows SDK Kinect and for Xbox – it’s not the same thing. Moreover, both of these are oriented SDK for different audiences – the first for engineers, designers, specialized products, the second – to create gaming applications. Microsoft says that the new version of the SDK Kinect for Windows has received a number of innovations that can evaluate the operators of online shops, medical facilities and the creators of applications for business conferences.

In the new version of the SDK company standardize with many movements, teams, and added the ability to track just behind the two users at once. Microsoft says that the latter allows a business to refuse to purchase a second controller and a dedicated computer for it.

Another fundamental innovation SDK Kinect for Windows was updated system Fusion, where you can create vivid three-dimensional models of people, objects or the environment. It also has been updated renderingovy engine. Kinect Fusion enables developers to create accurate 3-D renderings in real time.

Kinect Fusion 3-D renderings

Together with the SDK ships with two dozen pilot projects implemented on C #, C + + and Visual Basic.


Kinect for Windows SDK


Kinect for Windows supports movement, voice, and gesture recognition technology for application development. Buy the Kinect sensor or download the SDK.

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