KDE Plasma 2For the organization of login to the KDE Plasma 2 instead KDM will use LightDM or SDDM

Aaron Seigo, the main developer of KDE-shell Plasma, spoke about the process of selecting a manager to log on to the project Plasma Workspaces 2.

Among the entry requirements listed lightweight (you plan to use on desktops and mobile devices), self-sufficiency of the project, the possibility of defining an interface for QML, support Wayland, the familiarity of the tools and applications used in other large projects. The main contenders were considered KDM, LightDM and SDDM.

Option continuation manager KDM, previously used for the entrance to the KDE, was rejected, as KDM is not going to move to QML and support Wayland. Not to create from scratch a new login manager, developers are considering switching to using LightDM or SDDM. LightDM has extensive experience in implementation (used in Ubuntu) and includes certain operating to provide support for QML, but needs some work to bring to the project requirements and has a relatively large code base (20 thousand lines of code).

SDDM still fairly young project and requires more work (mostly to integrate with the system) than with LightDM, but the code base is relatively small (2.2 thousand lines of code) and the project was initially based only on QML. The choice is not made, and in the balance on the one hand was the discovery of a great community and code base SDDM, and on the other – the usefulness of the maturity and prevalence LightDM.

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