Presented release tools Vagrant 1.1, designed to simplify the formation, deployment and management of virtual machines to solve problems of development and testing projects with different virtualization systems.

The basic version project provides integration with VirtualBox, but in the connection plug can be used and other system virtulizatsii. Project code is licensed under the MIT. Among the well-known companies use in their work Vagrant, marked BBC, Rackspace, O’Reilly Mozilla and Nokia.

Vagran makes it unnecessary complication to generate ready-to-work environment for development with the given parameters and filling, using a single configuration file. Created environments contain preconfigured components selected operating system, you can connect to it via SSH and copy the data through shared folders (shared folders). To simplify the deployment of applications in environments in which systems are pre-Chef and Puppet. The composition of neighborhoods also includes a complete set to run and develop applications for the Ruby / Rails.

Environment can be created based on various operating systems, including Windows, Mac OS X, Ubuntu, Debian, Red Hat Enterprise Linux, CentOS, Arch Linux and Fedora. For example, to create a fully operational environment on the basis of a 32-bit build Ubuntu 12.04 is enough to execute the command:

vagrant box add precise32 http_://
vagrant init precise32
vagrant up

Key improvements of the new version is to open interface for developing plug-ins that provide connection of third-party providers of virtual machines than originally supported VirtualBox. For using both free and closed the same plugins. For example, the fully open code plug-ins for AWS cloud and Rackspace Cloud, but as a commercial closed-plugin package is delivered to support VMware Fusion. In addition, a new revised and expanded file format configuration deployed systems, with support for the old format and stored Backward compatibility with files created for version 1.0.

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