Bioshock InfiniteBioshock Infinite release date is fast approaching, so developers actively advertise your anticipated project.

Recently, New Yorkers can enjoy a huge billboard in the heart of the game, and yesterday went on television advertising trailer stunning Bioshock Infinite.

New Trailer Bioshock Infinite, as the previous one, shows the battle system in the game.

Here you can see a few enemies the game’s characters, and different abilities that Booker will use in combat.

Battle promises to be very impressive, is not it? Do not forget to write about their experiences in the comments at the bottom.

In Bioshock Infinite trailer fantastic abilities of the hero look exciting, but not too clear. So we have provided you with a complete list of options with brief descriptions:

  • Bucking Bronco – Booker is the ability to raise up enemies and briefly leave hanging in the sky.
  • Charge – is the ability to strike at opponents from a distance.
  • Devil’s Kiss – the ability to throw enemies with fireballs.
  • Murder of Crows can call for help a flock of crows. Incidentally, it is this ability more interested gamers, according to a survey in the official Facebook page of the game.
  • Possession – this is a spell that causes enemies to fight on the side of the Booker, and not against it.
  • Return to Sender – it is an opportunity to redirect the enemy attack on him.
  • Shock Jokey allows opponents to shoot an electric charge, which for a while paralyzed them.
  • Undertow – it’s a kind of telekinesis.

We would also like to remind you that the release date for Bioshock Infinite appointed on March 26, so that very soon all of you will be able to try all of these abilities on their own.

Booker DeWitt. Booker DeWitt is a thirty seven year old male and is the main protagonist of BioShock Infinite, whom the player controls throughout the game.

BioShock Infinite is an upcoming first-person shooter video game and the third installment in the BioShock series.

A first person shooter set in 1912 where players assume the role of former Pinkerton agent Booker DeWitt, sent to the flying city of Columbia on a rescue mission.