PlayStation 4At the PlayStation Meeting after the announcement of the console itself, the head of Sony Computer Entertainment, Andrew House, said:

“It makes no sense to plant a tree if you do not like the fruit, so the Sony PlayStation 4 is unthinkable without the games!”

Console was created with the latest trends in the world and game development, are demanding more social and free-to-play. In the words of the director of the company, they are counting the cost of all games will be within the range of $ 0.99 – $ 60. Although the games shown in the presentation, were just some of the ideas of the business model, they were able to win the hearts of fans and make now to start saving money for their purchase.

Below you can read about the most ambitious undertakings of different companies that have come together with the receipt of the console on the market. Among other known shooter Killzone, a futuristic action game inFamous: Second Son, Drive Club for fans of racing, The Witness for those who like puzzles, and more!

1. Sony decided to create a unique action adventure called Knack.

The game will tell about how small and friendly-looking robot can turn into a huge invincible fighting machine, to prevent the invasion of orcs. Despite the colorful setting and vivid textures like the hero and his enemies, the game will be enough action to please the serious players, but not too much to cover the children’s and adult-average users. Knack is developed using the most advanced graphics engine from the company Havok.

2. Killzone: Shadow Fall, developed by Guerilla Games, continue to develop the history of the conflict between humans and mutants.

The trailer of the gameplay shown in the exhibition, you can see how the terrorists to attack the headquarters of the Interplanetary Strategic Union. At first, our hero is in a panic and confusion, as well as all around, but then picks up arms and lead troops into battle to the aliens.

3. Sucker Punch told about inFamous: Second Son, the effect of which will be rolled out in Seattle.

From a small video shown at the press conference, it’s clear that this is another stage in the struggle against the system of unique people that tries to use them or destroy them. Second Son, is likely to mean a reference to the organization “first sons” of the first part of the series. What Sucker Punch offers us this time is not clear.

4. After a not very successful releases of the last projects the company Bungie has decided to turn the system on its head.

Together with Activision, they have several years developing a new generation of shooter – Destiny. In it we see the setting, very similar to Halo, but with the difference that the players will have a lot more freedom, from the wide world of research and assignments in various ways, to unique enhancements and customization of characters. Originally planned as an Xbox game is exclusive, but the PlayStation Meeting was announced for the PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4.

5. Capcom lit the lights of New York City with her incredible trailer Deep Down, created at the cutting core Panta Rhei.

This RPG will be another step to open F2P games world. Most likely will be able to ask for help, share resources and other objects, and can even trade. Besides unreal beautiful graphics in the game are very similar to Skyrim interface, as well as slow-mo scene in Max Payne 3.

6. New project Jonathan Blow called The Witness will decorate the Sony PlayStation 4.

This bright and colorful game will take you on an adventure around the island, full of secrets and mysteries, and, despite the rather simple graphics, you can not tear myself away from it for 25 hours, the minimum required to pass all levels. The Witness will be exclusive to the new console, but soon its promise to release on other platforms.

7. Ubisoft showed the second episode of the new action role-Watch Dogs at the presentation of Sony PlayStation 4.

The game will tell about the distant future, in which electronics has become the most integral part of everyone’s life. Computers were created ctOS, which control in everything from traffic lights and finishing power and communication systems.

The main character – one of the hackers, who know how to actually look like their world and use their skills to do good or evil. The trailer shows how the protagonist rescues the girl and catch a criminal, but he is forced to run from the police. Just from the video, it is clear that his opponent would also be a hacker.

On the presentation video was shown the PC version, but the developers have stated that the difference in quality will be. The game will be released in late 2013 on the Sony PlayStation 4, PC, PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 and even the Wii U.

8. Evolution Studios, which created hits such as WRC and MotorStorm, announced more promising Drive Club, in which the best ideas of racing simulators.

Control of the game will be the first person to further increase the realism of the already created almost real texture inside and outside of vehicles. Additionally, the game will be able to join in clubs and teams, and participate in competitions. Also, the developers decided to implement support Drive Club through phones and tablets, which will be to monitor the success of the standings and other players.

9. Media Molecule showed their achievements related to Move for Sony PlayStation 4.

At the presentation they talked about what fun – it’s not just race and shooters, but also fantasy. As a child, all of us were really cool and loved the game, which had nothing to do with a PC or set-top boxes (for example, I used to play in the lava or other outdoor games). Developers in real time demonstrated functionality that allows to model objects from the virtual clay and even make them move!

10. When on the presentation screen there was a Blizzard company logo, in a hall the bomb from impatient exclamations and an applause blew up, and the chat started braking online of translation very strongly because of a huge number of messages.

The head of Blizzard, Mike Morhaime, said the game, which last year sold 12 millionth edition, will appear on PlayStation 3 and Sony PlayStation 4. of course, this is the third part of the RPG slashers Diablo! Ported version of the game has been carefully designed and modified in order to be as comfortable and enjoyable for console players. Among other changes, it should be emphasized: redesigned user interface, a control circuit, the angle of the camera, and other small changes. In addition, the developers have promised to co-op mode for up to 4 players at a time, which it will be possible to communicate with Gaikai in versions for Sony PlayStation 4.

See the results of it will be able to show PAX East, which will be held from 21 to 24 March. There, it may be shown and Xbox version, as exclusivity PS no one spoke.

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