PanasonicPanasonic is going to completely refuse the plasma TV production. Panasonic refuses to release Plasma, admitting defeat in the struggle with other manufacturers.

TOKYO, March 18. Japanese corporation “Panasonic” / Panasonic Corp. / Intends to completely abandon the production of plasma panels for TVs and other devices, to admit defeat in the competition with the producers of LCD screens. Such a decision can take effect in 2014, reported today in the electrical power industry.

Officially cease production of plasma panels will be announced this month, along with the publication of a new business plan for the corporation in the medium term. In particular, it is planned to completely stop the production of these devices at the “Panasonic” in Amagasaki.

The corporation in 1997, began producing plasma panels, which then caused a huge interest in the market. They provide high quality TV picture and allowed to make screens of unprecedented proportions. However, plasma panels have lost their competitive edge after the manufacturers of cheaper LCD dipleev learned to significantly increase their area without losing image quality. As a result, production of plasma screens have previously discontinued other Japanese manufacturers, in particular, “Hitachi” / Hitachi /. “Panasonic” trying to find a new use for such a display – for example, was submitted as electronic blackboards. However, all these maneuvers are not brought great success, and the continued production of plasma panels deemed inappropriate.

“Panasonic” is going through hard times, mainly because of the loss in competition with foreign producers of televisions, including the South Korean. Projected loss corporation on the basis of fiscal year 2012, which ends March 31 in Japan, account for about $ 7 billion. “Panasonic” ends with a loss of fiscal fourth consecutive year. In this regard, the company abandoned its two office buildings in Tokyo and announced the sale of U.S. headquarters in New York.