Maplesoft Maple 17

Maplesoft company announced a new release of its renowned technical computing system Maple 17 for engineers, mathematicians and scientists.

The package company Maplesoft Maple 17 offers even more computational tools and extensive set of enhancements that help in the development of end applications.

Package Maple 17 contains a number of improvements in various areas of technical calculations, extending the limits of knowledge and the potential of the medium Maple. Among the new features can be identified with advanced tools making for a whole new class of differential equations, major innovations in solving systems of equations, new tools for signal processing, enhanced support for the physical and statistical models of dynamic systems, and more.

In addition, developers have reported a significant increase in productivity due to the package of improvements to the frequently used procedures and algorithms, as well as low-level memory management. An example of such improvements is a new memory manager, which actively takes advantage of multi-core and multiprocessor systems. Through new technologies calculations are performed on average 10% faster, and increase speed of calculation-intensive memory reaches 50%. With all these improvements in Maple 17 users can solve more problems in less time.

Although the mechanism of payment is a technological “heart” of the platform Maple, Maplesoft company considers to be important components of all of the user with the product: from the first to introduce the features of the development of powerful computing applications. Package Maple 17 offers significant improvements in the field of application development, including a new code editor, which further facilitates writing the most complex programs. A new component for movies Embedded Video Component helps to add to the application of multimedia content. Improved autocomplete commands now fully supports the Fast Track in standard mathematical notation. This feature offers users advanced tools for 2D-and 3D-visualization. New software design help write multithreaded algorithms for parallel execution.

Package of Maple 17 is now available in English, although the built extensions allow switch to French, Chinese, Spanish, Korean, Greek, Hungarian, and Brazilian Portuguese. Maple 17 release in Japanese will be released in April this year.


Maple 17 – Technical Computing Software for Engineers, Mathematicians, Scientists, Instructors and Students


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