Creative Suite Box versionsThe company Adobe Systems says goodbye to its big, bright boxes, which were delivered to the famous products of the series of Creative Suite and Acrobat.

After resellers began to report the termination of the supply boxed Creative Suite on April 30 of this year, Adobe has confirmed that he was going to give up the boxed version in the near future. According to officials from Adobe, first refusal to touch food boxes Creative Suite and Acrobat – instead, customers are invited to use the digital copies that are downloaded through the service Creative Cloud. In addition, digital copies of Creative Suite and Acrobat will be available for purchase through the website, as well as through resellers and partners. Now there is a program to notify all distributors and customers about specific plans for the transition to a fully digital distribution in each region.

Now, Adobe already offers downloadable digital copy of Creative Suite products for the price of 1300 to 2600 dollars, but recently the emphasis is on subscription service Creative Cloud, which offers all the Creative Suite family of products 6 and cloud storage bargain for $ 50 month, or one single product for $ 20 a month. As the speed of Internet access and more frequent lack of an optical drive in a new PC is not surprising. At the same time, there is the official information on the preservation of boxed copies for some other products like Adobe package Photoshop Elements – they will still appear on store shelves.
Adobe Creative Suite 6 Production Premium

The first information about the imminent failure of the packaged versions appeared in the beginning of March, when the company and Toolfarm SoftwareMedia – major retailers Adobe – stated in their blogs that they could not deliver the boxes from May 1 this year. According to the company Toolfarm, the transition to digital copies will affect not only the sets of Adobe Creative Suite Collection, and individual products in a series of Creative Suite, including After Effects, Audition, Flash Pro, Illustrator, Lightroom, Premiere Pro, SpeedGrade, and – what is most interesting – graphic editor Photoshop. Reseller says that to get a spare physical installation media must be paid separately at $ 20 per disc. In all other cases, the product can be obtained only through the Internet.

Adobe has not officially confirmed the date of May 1, as the term of the complete cessation of boxed supplies but does not deny it. In light of the transition to digital distribution striking is the fact that the price of boxed copies and digital still does not differ (despite the apparent reduction in costs). Thus, U.S. buyers can buy Photoshop CS6 Adobe website for $ 700, regardless of the version, and resellers have discounts: same site Amazon, for example, offers a boxed retail version of Photoshop CS6 for Windows for 580 dollars, and a digital copy would cost in the U.S. $ 593.77 Similarly, the site box with Photoshop is 653.99 dollars, and downloadable software – $ 10 more expensive. Why does the customer have to pay more for a digital copy, is unclear.