BlackBerry Balance technology

BlackBerry today announced the technology created for the safe separation of working and personal data on devices running Android and iOS. Earlier, a similar software Balance existed only under the platform BlackBerry 10.

As described in the company, the new application Secure Work Space for iOS and Android will be sold separately and work in addition to the BlackBerry Enterprise Server 10. Now the company began closed beta testing of a new platform of its corporate and government clients. Publicly available version is expected by June 30, the price has not reported.

“We have some excellent feedback from early testers and we are generally pleased with the technology. Secure Work Space for iOS and Android will work fine on the system in the BlackBerry Balance 10” – says Peter Devenyi, senior vice president of enterprise software at BlackBerry.

BlackBerry Balance technology

For the separation of personal and business information in the technology, the principle “containerization”.  In the case of the Balance, this technology is built into the core of BlackBerry 10. The system allows you to completely butcher email, documents and applications that will work with different settings and security policies. In this case, the user can at any time to switch between modes.

“The principle of Bring-Your-Own-Device then implemented as widely as possible, we expect that the technology will find a significant response from the users, as the scope of its use is practically unlimited,” – says Devenyi.