BitTorrentBitTorrent company announced the launch of open beta testing a new protocol BitTorrent Live. This development, according to the official description, is a powerful modern technologies for digital streaming over the Internet.

Thanks BitTorrent Live media companies and end users will be able to video broadcast to a wide audience with minimal delay and without additional cost of deploying the infrastructure.

The system will transmit video streamed directly connected to a computer with a webcam or from applications such as Flash Media Encoder.

In this case, as in traditional networks, BitTorrent-stable flow will increase in proportion to the number of participants.

Benefits of the proposed technological solutions can assess and opponents of censorship on the Internet. Due to the lack of a single source of video, VoIP packets of materials would be very problematic.

Users who wish to broadcast the video, you need to register on the website of the product. And to view the content of his participation in the distribution of the inhabitants of the global network is downloaded to your computer for free client BitTorrent Live, and the list of available channels can be found on the official website – http :// .

Testing the new Protocol is closed from November 2012. “We have already demonstrated the superior scalability and reliability of the proposed technology to a limited number of partners, and now the possibility of a new service will be able to assess everyone – said Bram Cohen, the inventor of the protocol BitTorrent / – We also thank our first clients for the help and support” .

BitTorrent representatives do not report completion dates Beta BitTorrent Live, but according to preliminary estimates it will happen this summer.