Viridis cloud service

British company Boston Limited today announced the launch of a service that will allow porting code written for architecture x86, computers with ARM-processors. Application developers who should be the main customers of the new service will be able to run and test your customized applications without buying ARM-servers.

Despite the growing interest in the ARM-processors from manufacturers and customers of server platforms, most potential customers are still afraid to invest heavily in a new architecture for themselves. Boston Limited company offers a convenient and inexpensive way to test the functionality and performance of applications carried over from the platform to the ARM-x86 servers, via the cloud.

To create the service company Boston Limited, as a manufacturer of ARM-servers joined forces with Ellexus, which produces software for different platforms. New service offers customers access to a cloud-quad ARM-processors EnergyCore production company Calxeda. These processors are based on the core ARM Cortex-A9, and contain network components, input-output and other components. It is worth noting that it is 32-bit processors, although the company Calxeda will release a 64-bit ARM-processors for the foreseeable future.

As says Apostolos Lambrianides, Director of Boston Limited for marketing, the new service is not designed for customers who want to place right now in the cloud their web-sites, mail servers, and other services. The highlight of the new service is a complete set of development tools Ellexus Breeze, which includes all necessary libraries, debugging and profiling. With their help, developers can clearly see how effective (or ineffective) is the transition to the platform ARM.

At this point in the server market dominated by Intel Xeon processors and AMD Opteron. Servers based on the ARM-chips while almost absent for many reasons. For example, while there is no production of 64-bit processors, which can provide work with larger amounts of memory and storage. At the same time, the company has announced the ARM 64-bit processor core Cortex-A57 and Cortex-A53-based architecture ARMv8. In addition, ARM-processors are not able to communicate directly with the x86-chip, which makes it necessary to create separate infrastructure in the data center. Finally, ARM-processor lacks a mature ecosystem of applications, but a new service from Boston Limited helps solve this problem at least partially.

Boston Limited company refers to a very narrow range of manufacturers that supply serial ARM-branded servers Viridis. Leading manufacturers such as Hewlett-Packard and Dell offer experimental ARM-servers, but more to test code and test performance. Believe in the company ARM, ARM-market real servers can be generated in 2014 can learn more about the unique service of Boston Limited on cloud access to ARM-server to an x86 applications on the official website at:

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