ClipPickImagine that during a session of the mobile web-surfing you found an interesting site that would like to learn the latest on the screen desktop PC.

What do you do in this situation? Try to remember the address or write it on a piece of paper? Immediately want to drive a URL into a desktop browser.

Send yourself an email with an embedded link? A small cross-platform application called ClipPick offers a simple and elegant solution to the problem.

ClipPick a cloud clipboard manager, which can be used for converting the selected text between your devices. In particular, you can copy the long URL-address or a fragment of the article that appears on the screen smartphone and immediately insert the object into your desktop browser or in a document that is open on the screen

Another extremely useful feature of the application is the preservation of the last ten cuttings in cloud storage. You can at any time to study the history list, locate previously saved bits of text and extract them from the cloud of a pair of light movements. If you have stored in the buffer fragment is of some value, and you expect to use it a few times in the future, use the special mark. Tenderloin with an asterisk can be removed from storage only with your permission.

ClipPick program is available for all major platforms today: Mac OS X, Windows (versions 7 and 8), iOS and Android. All the user has to do is install the client applications on computers and portable devices and get free register on the site.

Despite the fact that iOS is on the list of supported platforms, application ClipPick not yet been admitted to the online store iTunes App Store. The developers hope that the resolution will be obtained in the near future. Versions for OS X, Windows and Android, you can now download from sites and Google Play.

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