WebStormJetBrains WebStorm 6.0 – all innovations of web development in one integrated environment.

JetBrains company released a new version of its integrated tools for developing web-based applications, called WebStorm 6.0. The main task of this release – provide web developers with all the latest technology in the field for use in everyday tasks.

For example, in the code editor adds support for scripting language with automatic TypeScript generation code in JavaScript. Full debugging added for scripting languages ​​TypeScript, Dart and CoffeeScript. These and other enhancements made available to developers in a modern interface with a standard design in the actual dark.

Czech company JetBrains has earned wide popularity among developers around the world thanks to its flagship products, such as IntelliJ IDEA, PhpStorm and so on. A new release of WebStorm 6.0 environment for all operations for writing web applications in JavaScript and its analogues provides excellent compatibility with all the new-fangled tools for web development. Automatic compilation of languages ​​with TypeScript, CoffeeScript and Dart performed on the fly. It also supports the transformation code in the languages ​​LESS and Sass in the standard style sheets CSS. For the optimization of the new release significantly reduced the number of operations to generate intermediate files and maps code. Incidentally, the card code is the basis for a complete debugging applications written in languages ​​TypeScript, Dart and CoffeeScript.

Release of other benefits a company JetBrains WebStorm 6.0 emphasizes, for example, increased ease of use and extended support for HTML5 in the interactive editor Live Edit (supported directly preview changes as you edit.) Also revised approach to working with JavaScript-libraries: JS-now developers can directly access to the final version of the files stored in the project (development environment uses them only when necessary, and in the remaining moments are ignored.)

In the Code Editor and the entire development environment WebStorm 6.0 has a new interface with a fresh design. The default theme is Darcula, executed in dark colors, do not strain the eyes of the programmer. In addition to advanced work with code HTML, CSS, Sass and Less, implemented Improved display HTML-structure, and for the accelerated write code in the editor adds support for snippets (finished snippets) format Emmet.

Validation code in JavaScript validation method added Google Closure Linter (substantive addition to the previously implemented JSHint, JSLint and several proprietary checks). It should be noted that all these and other features of WebStorm in the near future will be available in other development environments from JetBrains, built on a single platform, IntelliJ Platform, including PhpStorm, RubyMine, PyCharm, AppCode and IntelliJ IDEA. To learn more about the environment Web development JetBrains WebStorm 6.0 and download a trial 30-day free copy, please visit the manufacturer at http://www.jetbrains.com/webstorm .