PHPPHP programming language designers have decided to include in the upcoming PHP 5.5 branch caching and optimizing bytecode Zend Optimizer +, previously delivered in the proprietary package Zend Server, but recently translated by Zend Technologies category of free software projects.

The inclusion of Zend Optimizer + composition PHP (in general terms, without reference to the version) voted 66 out of 77 participants in the project, with the right to vote. When considering the inclusion of a new system in development branch of PHP 5.5 votes 44 participants from 77, given the fact that the addition of Zend Optimizer + probably will delay the release of PHP 5.5 release for one or two months due to the need for additional testing.

Initially it was expected that in the PHP code will be included free of competing APC (Alternative PHP Cache), but because of the unresolved problems with caching and memory consumption, quality of work in a branch of APC PHP 5.4 was assessed as not stable and for the integration of APC was transferred to a branch PHP 6.0. Open source Zend Optimizer +, which was announced a full stable support branches PHP 5.2. *, 5.3. *, 5.4. * And PHP 5.5-dev, in conjunction with higher performance, determined the final choice for the title of regular system cache opcode PHP .

Zend Optimizer + provides a means to accelerate the execution of scripts in PHP, with the technique of the opcode cache and the use of additional optimizations. Precompiled code scripts cached in shared memory, thus avoiding the execution stage to read from disk, parsing and compiling source code scripts when you restart. In addition, Zend Optimizer + includes additional optimization techniques to generate bytecode, which allows for acceleration and a more rapid implementation of bytecode.

According to our tests Zend Optimizer + on average 5-20% gains in performance at APC, and also provides the best compatibility with various branches and language features PHP, provides a means for detecting data corruption (for example, an incorrectly written in PHP-function language C). Of the advantages of APC mentioned support API to control the caching of data and the possibility of returning memory, which is used for caching have not run the script.

Integrating Zend Optimizer+ into the PHP distribution: