Modern programmers poorly represent the real work of a computer system. Now program the information objects, rather than specific pieces of silicon.

For the vast majority of people who consider themselves programmers processor is a kind of phantom object, with some conventional characteristics and properties, the main criteria which are abstract Gigahertz, Core, Cache and the more of them the better. With this knowledge and limited. While there, they also know that Intel is better than AMD 🙂 ….

Actually such introduction was made only for one, to explain why technical documentation on architecture of computing systems isn’t interesting to bulk of programmers. What interest, such and level of a statement of a material. Lately technical documentation on the processor, chipsets, peripheral controlers became fragmentary, sometimes already slip also direct falsifications.

On the other hand, the real technical information passed in the category of confidential and sensitive information in some places. Access to it is open only to a select and trusted partners, and to other procedures for access is often the question is why do you need this? And as soon as he gets an answer, all contacts are terminated.

Doubters suggest go to the official website of the company Intel for developers. There is a list of documents available for download, near many of them are worth a small padlock icon. For access to these documents to complete the registration process, try to sign up and then all will become clear.

The reader may wonder as to what all this is said and where is information security? Immediately explain, access to undocumented functions of the equipment installation is a method of computing total control and unauthorized control of any components of information systems.

Currently, information security has at least three levels at which confront professionals with specialized knowledge and tools:

– The level of the hardware platform;
– The level of the software platform;
– The level of global networks.

If at the level of software platforms hosted amateur and state by hackers, and they are opposed to commercial and public service information security, the level of hardware platforms and the level of global networks is a patrimony of “gray hats,” as they say there, “all my …”. At these levels, no public action has never been and never will be, but not because they have no one does, but because it is a strategic weapon, “Judgment Day”, which just does not apply.

And when it is used … it’s too late to try and fix that either.