MaketBot DigitizerAbout four years ago, the then-unknown startup MakerBot presented at the American exhibition and conference “South by Southwest Interactive” first prototype of a three-dimensional desktop printer that can make exact copies of plastic small objects.

Bret Petty, the founder of the company, says that the machine could make a simple components, such as glasses, and much more complex, such as industrial elements.

On Friday, Petty at the same conference SXSW presented further development of three-dimensional technology, shows another prototype device for three-dimensional design. This time MakerBot showed a device that can accurately scan and digitize three-dimensional objects.

Novelty called MakerBot Digitizer and represented the company, in addition to the previously shown 3D-printer Replicator. With the help of her any object of appropriate size can be digitized in real time and re-create a three-dimensional printer. Underlying Digitizer are two laser scanner and webcam. See object can scan objects up to 20 cm in diameter. The entire scanning process takes about three minutes.

Once the model has been scanned object can be immediately and printed. The company said that it is much easier and faster than creating a three-dimensional model of the object to be printed on the computer.

In MakerBot promise that the three-dimensional scanner will go on sale this fall, and its price is comparable to the price of 3D-printers that sell for 2-3 thousand dollars. The company also said that there were no restrictions on the complexity of the object to be scanned is not – from simple toys to jewelry, you can scan and reconstruct the exact model. The company also said that the three-dimensional models and print – it’s a completely new era in production, the potential of which only have to realize that.

Petty says that in the future due to three-dimensional technology can be at times to reduce the cost of industrial production.

MakerBot Digitizer: Scan To Print In No Time