EvernoteAnother company was the victim of hackers. Hackers gain entry into computer systems Evernote – a popular program for online notes, used by nearly 50 million people. In a formal appeal, the company said that the attackers gained access to some data users.

Evernote klinetov asks all who use the service, change the passwords. Based on official data, no financial information was stolen, and user-generated content was completely unscathed.

“An investigation is under. We found no evidence that the content stored in the system has been copied, altered, or lost, ” – says the company in an official address to the consumers. “We also have no evidence that the information was stolen on the ongoing payments to subscribers or Evernote Premium Evernote Business”.

Hackers gained access to the user’s login, e-mail addresses associated with Evernote-accounts, and encrypted passwords. The company stressed in a statement that the passwords are stored on servers in a secure form. ” In a letter sent out to users Evernote explained in detail how to change the password to make it more reliable.

Company spokesman later said the suspicious activity was noticed a couple of days ago: “February 28th team Evernote Operations & Security became aware of an unusual and potentially dangerous activity in the service Evernote. The situation had to study in detail. We found that a person (or group of entities) have access to user data, email-addresses and encrypted passwords. “

Evernote – just one of the companies in the long line of victims of attacks by corporations. Attackers have already conducted an attack on Microsoft, Apple, Facebook and Twitter. In addition, a hacking The New York Times, The Washington Post and The Wall Street Journal. As a result of these actions the U.S. president was forced to initiate a new program to combat cyber crime.

According to rumors, to the aforementioned attacks may be related Chinese military organization, although the government of China has denied all sorts of accusations. There is a theory that Apple, Facebook and Twitter have become a victim of Eastern European hackers. Of course, no precise evidence of this does not exist yet.

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