eScan Mobile SecuritySmartphones and tablets based on Android are the most popular portable devices around the world. Online Store Google Play is now offering to install a giant collection of applications for Android-devices.

Therefore, there is always the chance of infection by viruses, Trojans, malware installation suspicious and fraudulent applications. Protect your portable device is as important a task as protecting the computer, as users store sensitive information on it: e-mail, contacts, messages, and other personal data.

With the development of online banking and payment systems of instant transaction protection smartphone or tablet becomes mandatory condition for safe operation.

eScan Mobile Security is specifically designed for the Android platform and was addressing not only the protection of the gadget from viruses, Trojans and other threats, but also provides useful additional features, such as the application password protection and parental controls.

eScan Mobile Security

Main features of eScan Mobile Security

Scanning in real time:

As well as other anti-virus solutions, eScan protects your device to scan each downloaded file and each is being installed.

Parental Control and Web Filter:

When this option is activated in the application, eScan protect your gadget from the phishing and malware sites by scanning the content in the browser Android. It is also possible to deny access to third-party browsers.

Application Protection:

This option enables password protection for selected applications to prevent unauthorized access. In addition, the initial settings include password protection for new installed programs.

Scheduled Scan:

The user can pre-configure a scheduled scan to detect malware and restore files as the built-in memory or on an external storage device.

Filter calls and SMS-messages:

C this option, you can block unwanted calls and messages, as well as calls and SMS from unknown numbers. eScan automatically suggest different filtering calls and messages received from a contact that is not in your address book.

Backup and recovery:

This feature allows you to backup your contacts and SMS-messages on the SD-card. Unfortunately, the application does not support synchronization with cloud servers.

eScan Mobile Security

The user interface is very easy, even for novice users. Configure antivirus also not difficult. You only need to initially enter a master password which will be used to access the protected applications. Antivirus running in the background, the active protection informs a small icon in the notification bar.

In case of threat or need to update signature database icon will change color. eScan Mobile Security consumes about 23MB of system memory and is fairly easy application to the operating system Android. The user can disable the display of notifications, sound alerts and logging in the settings menu.

In addition to the version for smartphones – eScan Mobile Security, there is a similar product is optimized for tablets – eScan Tablet Security for Android.

Both versions can be used on any device Android, but the version for the tablet has two limitations. The backup function of contacts and SMS, as well as a filter calls and messages will not be available in this version. However, if you use a tablet-enabled mobile phone and voice messages, you can use a version for smartphones.