Google ChromeGoogle introduced release web-browser Chrome 25 is available for platforms Linux, Mac OS X and Windows.

The browser is built on the code base Chromium open source project and is characterized by the logo Google, built-in Flash and PDF, the presence of notification in the event of failure, the system automatically updates and sending the search RLZ-parameters.

Of the added improvements, the support Web Speech API, allows you to integrate web-application speech recognition. Among the supported languages ​​which can be detected and referred to the Russian language. As an example of a feature published a demo application that allows you to write a message by voice.

The second major change is the automatic shutdown software additions installed without your knowledge. This function is only for the platform Windows, which has become commonplace, when installing a particular application, the application silently sets its addition to Chrome. Upon detection of attempts installing add-ons without permission, the user is now a warning to the proposal to activate or delete addition. All the additions that have been installed earlier will be disabled by default, and displayed a special list for a decision on their future use.

In addition to innovations and bug fixes, the new version corrected 22 vulnerabilities, of which 8 are labeled as hazardous. Among fix, no critical issues that can bypass all security levels browser and make an attack on the user’s system. Vulnerabilities that have the status of dangerous, marked in the audio subsystem, IPC, SVG, the code to work with the database, the decoder vorbis, and URL handler plugin system. Separately, the support is disabled by default because MathML security issues and the need for treatment provided in the last issue of implementation.

Many of the fixed vulnerabilities detected by instruments address-sanitizer, designed for automated determination of the facts refer to the liberated areas of memory, out of bounds of the allocated buffer, and some other types of errors related to memory. The program for the payment of remuneration on the security for the current release, Google paid security researcher U.S. $ 3,500 (two awards of $ 1,000 and three prizes of $ 500).

Additionally, you can mention the addition of the experimental browser built-in panel to run the web-based application (app launcher), previously used in the Chrome OS. Panel allows you to gather in one location-centric applications to run in a separate form, regardless of the browser. Panel is displayed in the form of an icon in the system tray and allows you to run web-applications in offline-mode without having to open the browser. Support the launcher is not yet available for Windows, but will soon appear for Mac OS X and Linux.