Google NotebookThe operator of the world’s largest Internet search engine Google today presented its own branded laptop is running Chrome OS, and using the touch screen.

New competition in the market with new solutions Microsoft Surface and Apple iPad.

In Google reported that in the U.S. today starts selling WiFi-version Pixel Chromebook for $ 1300. Version with support for LTE-networks (and WiFi) will appear in April and will be sold in the U.S. for $ 1,450. The company did not report about when the laptop based on Chrome will appear in the global market.

Today, Google is the leader in the mobile market with its operating system, Android, Chrome but the system is still untapped and misunderstood in the market. In the past, Google released smartphones and tablets based on the operating system Android, but never itself did not release devices based on Chrome OS. This OS as soft stuffing for the devices used by the company Acer, Samsung and Hewlett-Packard, sell cheap “hrombuki” at a price of $ 200.

According to the description of the company, is engaged in the production of the new development unnamed Taiwanese partner, the screen, the model-dyuymovymy 12.85, with the possibility of sensory functions. The company said that the 12.85-inch screen are 4.3 million pixels – twice as many as on a normal HD-screen. In the U.S., sales Pixel Chromebook will work itself as Google, and retailer Best Buy.

In a new product called Google strategically important and promising its further development. “This model was made with the future in mind, we wanted to create something premium for premium users, placing increased demands on their laptops,” – said a senior vice president at Google Chrome Sundar Pichai said.

According to him, the model is powered by a production Intel, and all buyers news Google gives free 1 TB of disk space for a year.

Recall that as Chrome, Android and rooted in Linux, but if the latter is to a large extent focused on the use of smart phones, the Chrome – is exclusively flatbed OS. According to analysts, in the past, the U.S. has sold no more than 100,000 devices based on Chrome OS.