Apple iTunesApple has reported the availability of a new version of iTunes 11.0.2, a universal set of tools for audio and video, manage media libraries, as well as quick and easy purchase applications and content in the same online store.

The new version of iTunes for the operating systems OS X and Windows is now available for download. The product is also available as a separate assembly for 64-bit versions of Windows.

iTunes can be used by the owners desktop as a convenient media player, facilitates interaction with personal digital music library can make playlists, listen to the Internet radio stations. You can also convert media content, as well as quickly and accurately synchronize media libraries stored on the PC hard disk, with portable devices.

ITunes 11.0.2 application is different from previous versions of the increased stability and performance. In addition, users are some interesting innovations, among which special mention deserves the new view «Composers View». This useful additional option allows you to sort the contents of your music library, not only by song name, album or artist, but also the author of a musical work. It should be noted that the new view is not enabled by default, but you can activate it manually in the menu «Preferences».

Developers from Apple reported increased responsiveness of the application during synchronization play-lists with a lot of tracks. In the version of iTunes 11.0.2 fix a common error that prevented the correct display of custom store purchases iTunes. Recall also that from version iTunes 11.0.1, users once again given the opportunity to search for duplicates in the personal media collections.

Users can download iTunes 11.0.2 from the official website of the product ( or to update an existing application to a new version.