New Linux-platform Tizen 2.0Tizen 2.0 – a new Linux-platform for mobile devices

The developers of the operating system based on Linux Tizen for smartphones, tablets, automotive systems and other equipment with control via touch screen, has officially released the source code of the system and development tools for third-party software and hardware.

Release Tizen 2.0, created with active participation from Intel and Samsung, offers third-party vendors standardized environment where applications can be created using familiar web technologies: HTML5, JavaScript and CSS.

Of the other new platform Tizen 2.0 offers a number of new APIs API to access the Bluetooth and NFC on devices equipped with such units. In addition, significantly improved developer tools. At the moment there is no serial devices running Tizen, but there is a lot of speculation about the likely release of such devices at the facilities of Samsung.

Samsung has become one of the largest manufacturers of mobile phones and tablets, but today’s mobile business of the company is tied tightly to the ecosystem of Android. Despite the availability of the vast majority of the code on the system Android, the company Samsung and other trusted partners, there is no way to dispose of this code on your own.

Tizen platform is built on the principles of open source project, which involved the support of its own members. As one of the major players, Samsung retains the “majority” in the management of this project. Thus, Samsung can better control software to be used by its products – compared to the freedom of Android is almost limitless.

Tizen 2.0 release for developers, of course, does not mean that the company is going to abandon Android in how-ever the foreseeable future. On the other hand, it is not surprising that the manufacturer looks for fallback and stakes to several target platforms. Today the leadership of the Android platform is undeniable, but it is likely that at some point in products based on Tizen, as successors proprietary platform Bada, will gain commercial success, which in addition to Samsung, can share and other companies.

Mobile platforms are becoming too good: it looks like its own platform now want to present it. In addition to the popular iOS, Android and Windows 8/RT/Phone, the market there are newcomers like Ubuntu-smartphones, Firefox OS and now Tizen platform as the successor of Bada and MeeGO.