WinXP vs Win8Microsoft Corporation encourages all users to stop using outdated Windows XP in favor of the more modern versions of the operating system.

However, many PC owners do not hurry to use this advice. Despite the fact that official support for XP will be discontinued in April 2014, many people still consider it to be the fastest, secure and stable operating system from Microsoft.

With this conventional wisdom bet Troy Hunt, software architect and winner of the title of Microsoft MVP. Experts have found that Windows XP, running on the 7-year old laptop is noticeably inferior to the performance of fresh Windows 8.

“According to an unwritten law, the system requirements are growing software from version to version. However, in the case of Windows 8, this pattern has been broken. I found that “eight” is faster than Windows XP, even on older hardware platform, “- written by experts in their own blog.

In the actual test involved a laptop Lenovo T60 2006 release, complete with an Intel Core Duo processor with a clock frequency of 1.83 GHz and a gigabyte of RAM. The test results were very eloquent. The installation of Windows 8 only took 24 minutes 55 seconds, while Windows XP took 26 minutes and 12 seconds to copy all the necessary files. Time Windows 8 took 6 seconds and XP ready computer to work for long 17 seconds.

With the opening of Word documents and PDF Windows 8 mastered in 3.4 seconds, and XP spent to perform these operations 4.3 and 2.8 seconds respectively. Another challenge was indicative download heavy files Photoshop. “Eight” fitted within just 16.5 seconds, 2.5 times ahead of her rival, whose result was 41.5 seconds. Finally in the PassMark test new operating system Windows 8 scored 407.5 points, and Windows XP showed a more modest result – 356.5 points.

Windows 8 vs Windows XP

Comparative testing of two OS captured on video. It shows what software was used: Office 2013 on Windows 8 vs. Office 2003 on Windows XP, Adobe Reader, and Photoshop CS3. The download speed was measured after completion of the work of a staff of both OS and then turn off the computer.

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