intel logoIntel introduced the 525 Series solid state drives, made in a compact form factor mSATA, with data rates of 6 Gb / s.

Dimensions of data storage is 8 times smaller than conventional hard drives 2.5-inch, making them the perfect solution for ultrabooks, tablets and embedded systems.

Intel 525 drives have become the latest addition to the family of Intel SSD 500 Series, designed for use in high performance systems. They have dimensions of 3.7 mm x 50,8 x 29,85 mm and a weight of 10, the use of the interface with the mSATA mini-plug PCI Express (PCIe) allows for high speed at the client drives Intel 520 series.

Thanks to the speed random access of up to 50 thousand I / O operations per second and sequential read – up to 550 Mbit / s, the performance of storage systems with Intel 525 series will increase significantly when running the most demanding applications and multitasking. In addition, the new model has a random write speed of up to 80 thousand I / O operations per second and sequential write speed of 520 Mbit / s, making it the fastest SSD interface mSATA.

Intel 525 drives will have a capacity of 30, 60, 90, 120, 180 and 240 GB. The company has already started shipping models with a capacity of 120 and 180 GB. Others will be available later this quarter.

New devices support 128-bit encryption based on the Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) for additional protection in the event of loss or theft of the drive. In the drive uses 25-nanometer multi-level NAND flash memory from Intel. In addition, they have a 5-year limited warranty.