Corporate SSD driveMicron Technology with today began shipping the new corporate SSD-drive, which the company calls the most fail-safe in the industry today.

According to the press service of Micron, the new SSD-drive p400m focused on servers, and it allows the resource to 10 times a day to rewrite all the internal storage space for five years.

In comparison, most other SSD-drives are half the resource, and in comparison with SDD consumer level, this resource has tripled.

By itself, the drive is made of 2.5 inch case and connected by a 6-Gigabit Interface SATA. Inside the SSD chip works with NAND-memory processing rate of 25 nm, and the controller chip Marvell Technology to eight channels of simultaneous data access.

In Micron said that the company recently released another SSD-drive Crucial M500, also has an impressive performance, but p400m apply more quality memory and he is more focused on work in data centers with vysokokriticheskimi data. In addition, he is the first SSD-drive, which is used proprietary firmware XPERT (extended performance and enhanced reliability technology) with built-in error detection and correction of data.

Also in the new drive technology is used to optimize the flash memory that allows you to find data in fewer operations with the chip.

P400m is supplied in 100, 200 and 400 GB, the read speed is 350 MB / s, write – 300 MB / sec.