DESKTOP EARTH 2.0The app under the name Desktop Earth for certain will be pleasant to those users to whom standard wall-paper of Windows seems too boring and monotonous.

Now instead of the bothered landscapes, pictures of wildlife or photoworks in abstract style you will be able to behold on a desktop of the personal computer regularly updated image of our planet from space.

To create colorful backgrounds Desktop Earth uses real pictures of the Earth in high definition, provided the agency NASA. The images for more entertainment superimposed moving images of clouds. It should be noted that the painted clouds look great, but are purely decorative function and provide an overview of the weather in a given area of ​​the earth’s surface.

Monthly program downloads new pictures showing the current time of year, so you can see how bright summer green in some areas is replaced by a white blanket of snow. A system clock of your PC offers real-time information of the day. This information is also reflected in the photos and allow you to monitor the onset of the day or night in different parts of the world (for additional realism Desktop Earth also displays a picture lights of big cities). Default Desktop Earth images updated every 5 minutes, while the Settings dialog box, users can specify a different update rate.

Of course, the application is not without faults. For example, captivating images Desktop Earth is unlikely to be able to assess the PC owners, whose desk is hidden from the eyes of loose labels. And yourself labels can easily get lost in the constantly changing background. However, the utility has proposed a number of advantages. Many users will appreciate the fact that the program uses minimal system resources (less than 5 MB of RAM) and is distributed free of charge.

Desktop Earth 2.1.1 version for computers based on Windows 7, Vista and XP (32 – and 64-bit) can be downloaded from the developer –