The press service of Samsung Electronics today announced that the company, together with other major electronics manufacturers in the U.S. and Japan set up a joint venture that will develop in the new technologies of digital memory. In the creation of a new company involved Samsung, Panasonic, Sony and Toshiba.

Earlier this month, the company has launched a joint project in which to create the “new generation of safe memory.” This project includes the creation of flash cards with special hardware security for mobile devices. In the new company for each of the four founders each own a 25% stake.

Project Next Generation Secure Memory, is expected to be licensed technology to protect the memory this year.

Note that originally participated in the project and SanDisk, and the partners were to receive 20% of the shares, but later SanDisk refused to participate in the project.

Today Samsung at CES 2013 presented the world’s first curved OLED-TVs. The company said, OLED-panel endowed with flexibility, which provides a new viewing experience and display the content on the screen. In addition, the curved OLED-TVs bring panoramic effect of immersion in what is happening on the screen, which can not be achieved when viewing visual content on conventional flat TVs. When viewing the spectacular moments in curved OLED-TVs, such as the grandiose landscapes and nature scenes, you can find yourself feeling that you personally are in this picturesque area.

Using his extensive experience in production technology displays, Samsung has optimized image quality curved OLED-TV to provide even more comfort during viewing: picture on the screen does not strain your eyes, because the curved panel allows you to leave the same distance between the user and any part of the screen who can bend almost any angle.