Google has released a stable version of the twenty-fourth browser Chrome. Unlike previous releases Chrome 24 practically no significant innovation, but there is a large code cleanup and stability of a number of features that were previously satisfactory. For example, in Chrome 24 were fixed bugs related to work Flash Player, voice input, YouTube, Omnibox, data synchronization and improved browser in Windows 8.

In addition, experts online companies have significant tuning code, resulting in improved scrolling system, which has become smoother, eliminated a number of bugs, memory leaks, improved rendering JavaScript, and eliminated 24 bug related to security, including including 11 critical.

According to the mailing list Chrome, a browser will see an updated version of JavaScript-Google V8 engine and web engine WebKit.

The company also announced that it would pay $ 6,000 independent testers, indicated the presence of bugs in the code of Chrome.