Lenovo 27-inch tabletChinese Lenovo yesterday introduced its new products on the holder of the 49th annual exhibition CES 2013 in Las Vegas.

Among the many new products stands out unique tablet giant size of a small coffee table. New gadget – is a variation on the earlier of the topic of electronic tables and educational interactive whiteboards.

In Lenovo say their device IdeaCentre Horizon Table PC – it is ‘interpersonal computer’ that is, a device that was originally conceived as a solution for simultaneous work of several people. The company believes that the new product could be a place for home entertainment, such as playing interactive board entertainment. Initially, the tablet-optimized table for four people at once, but you can use them as a couple or even solo. A classic example of the gadget – a game of ‘Monopoly’.

At first glance, Horizon Table PC looks like Apple iMac, but without the stand. This is partly true, because the development of Lenovo – it’s also a kind of machine-class all-in-one. Product works on Windows 8 and can be placed on a tabletop in the room. It is interesting to note that within the Horizon Table works on a giant tablet battery standards, so if you want the gadget can also be used with disconnected power cord.

Too mobile this 27-inch gadget can not be called, as the weight of 10 kg still imposes some restrictions on the movement of Horizon Table PC space. To a class of cheap tablet device also does not apply, since the cost in the sale of the unit would be about $ 1,700.

In Lenovo promises that the device will ship with a number of software, as well as two-three games such as ‘Monopoly’ and Aerohokey multiplayer shooter Raiding Company. Software here will focus on multimedia, particularly in photo viewing, video, painting, etc etc.

Recall that the market presentation tablets debuted Microsoft, which showed a 30-inch interactive table Surface. The fate of this development is unclear, as the last six months of her company did not report anything at all, and the brand now sells Surface 10-inch tablet. In addition, the company recently introduced the Sony 20-inch computer Tap 20, which can also be used while lying down.

Another interesting novelty shown Lenovo, became smartphone IdeaPhone K900. This smartphone has a budget and predecessors, which will be sold in the Chinese market, in particular, S720, A800, S890 and K860. They all work on ARM processors and are made for consumers in emerging markets. In addition, all of them working on Android – either on Ice Cream Sandwich, or the last Jelly Bean. Now there is no evidence of when the devices will debut in specific markets.