Windows Firewall Control

Released an updated version of the application Windows Firewall Control 3.8. With this small and completely free tool owners of computers running Windows will be able to configure the built-in firewall.

Users do not have to spend time on the development of numerous windows and operating system settings. To gain access to the most popular firewall settings, simply click on a compact tray icon. The compact box Windows Firewall Control, users can, for example, switch between available modes filtering outbound connections. The utility also can notify the owner of the computer for various events through pop-up or sound.

One of the most notable innovations presented in the new version of Windows Firewall Control 3.8, is the ability to simultaneously run multiple instances of the application, including various user accounts. Said improvement will provide a more stable operation of the program.

Application size reduced by 20% compared to previous versions, and the performance of the markedly increased. Developers managed to achieve this result through the use of faster and more advanced encryption algorithms. Built-in search engines have also been refined and now provides for more rapid detection of executable files on your hard drive.

Recent version of Windows Firewall Control 3.8 is available for download at the developer’s site – .

Size: 501 KB
License: Freeware
Requires: Win 8\Win 7\ Vista