SkyMapIn the App Store Windows Store for machines running under Windows 8 and Windows RT appeared interesting program called the company SkyMap Deneb Soft.

Initially, this program was on the platform of Windows Phone, which was quite skeptical comments, but now it has found its place among the tiles start screen in the environment Windows 8/RT. SkyMap package is a powerful 3D-virtual planetarium to study maps of the sky. Furthermore, when using the built-in accelerometer and GPS-navigation on tablets like Microsoft Surface can use this tool to obtain information on any visible object in the sky in real time.

Although Google has already stated that it is not going to release their popular applications ‘Maps’ and ‘Star Maps’ for the Windows 8 platform, third-party developers are already trying to alleviate the problem of the release of their version of these technologies. For example, the store Windows Store has already appeared utility G Maps, which duplicates the function Maps Google. Now it is the turn card for the sky, to help you find the name of the stars, constellations, planets and other celestial bodies and entities.

Find utility in the application store SkyMap pretty simple – just type open the Store and type the name of ‘SkyMap’ a miracle ‘search’ button. Then you need to click (or touch) the button ‘Install’.

SkyMap utility offers a huge collection of data on celestial bodies (about 110 000). Star map uses the full screen without any display controls. To zoom, you can use the mouse wheel, and on the devices Windows RT – a gesture of ‘pinch’. Click or touch the object opens a window with additional information. The user can find the object magnitude, distance from the Earth, sunrise and leaving the horizon, as well as many other details. For particularly interesting features embedded links to descriptions of objects in the online encyclopedia.

SkyMap utility loses a bit Android-version of ‘Google Sky Map’, comparing the speed of smoothness. SkyMap application automatically determines the current location of the user to display a detailed map of the sky overhead. Alternatively, you can manually change the viewpoint (location) by entering the exact coordinates (latitude and longitude) location, the view from which you want on the screen. You can also change the view of the sky, but the free version of this function is disabled.

Display Mode maps of the sky can be flexibly configured. In particular, you can enable or disable the display of individual objects: the Sun, Moon, planets, stars, constellations, and so on. Special panel display allows night mode for easier observation of the planets. You can also include additional map layers.

Although branded star map from Google down ahead of most of these applications, the utility SkyMap is by far the best 3D-planetarium of the people who work at the store Windows Store. SkyMap package successfully runs on Windows RT, as well as in all 32-bit and 64-bit versions of Windows 8. In addition to the free version, the store Windows Store enhanced version available for a fee. More information about the version of Windows 8/RT SkyMap can be found on the manufacturer’s website at .