Mailbox for iPhoneMost of today’s users, the leading e-mail correspondence with your smartphone to face the same problems. Tired clean up the mailbox from the accumulated garbage? Not cope with the volume of mail and forget to regularly respond to important messages? Perhaps the e-mail client called Mailbox – this is exactly what you need.

Developers at Orchestra claim that their product is able to bring to work with e-mail on the screen handheld device to a new level. Of course, despite its revolutionary, Mailbox application supports most familiar features. You can read incoming messages and respond to them, to organize sending a message to several correspondents, etc. A built-in search engines can help you quickly find the desired letter by keyword. However, a notable difference from other mobile Mailbox customers found already in the process of getting acquainted with the user interface application.

Caring for the productivity of the users, the developers decided not to overload the interface numerous buttons. Most common operations, such as archiving or deleting posts spam messages from the mailbox, made with simple and natural gestures. And the process of writing and sending e-mail feels most like posting to ‘tweet’.

Special mention deserve the proposed modes of viewing emails. Evidence of correspondence with the user can be displayed in a continuous stream of messages. By default, this mode Mailbox displays only the ‘body’ of each message. However, one slight movement you can display additional information, including the contents of the fields ‘From’, ‘To’, ‘Subject’, and others.

Finally, one of the most interesting and useful features is the option to Mailbox ‘save-for-later’. This useful tool, as many have guessed, will move to introduce a not too important messages at a later date. The program prompts you to specify the time of re-emergence of ‘delayed’ messages in your ‘inbox’. You can read the message and respond to it later in the day, the next day, on a weekend, next week, or enter the exact date.

At this point the client Mailbox can be used only with accounts Gmail. Perhaps future versions will add support for other popular email services. Developers also would be worth to pay attention to a number of small details that will make using the application even more productive, for example, to add the ability to use images as ‘Avatar’ and implement additional ways to filter the contents of the box.

Release date applications and the final price has not been announced. We only know that the final version of the Mailbox 1.0 appears in the App Store at the beginning of the new year.

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