iPad 3DPolish studio Pixle released for the iPad app Foldify, which allows you to create three-dimensional figures of cardboard or paper, writes The Next Web.

The process of creating action figures consists of several steps. First, the user selects a pattern in the application – be it man, car, tree and so on. Pattern and then paint the complete details of the preset: the car – the wheels and windows, tree – toys.

Then scan figures sent to the printer. If the printer supports AirPrint, you can do it from the tablet over the air, if not, you can send the scan in PDF format by e-mail to print from a PC.

When a document is printed, the user cuts the scan of the sheet, fold it along the dotted lines and bonds figure.

Foldify application compatible with all models of iPad, but the first. It is necessary that the tablet was installed iOS 5.0 or later. The program costs $ 1.99, the developers report that the price may increase later.

Apart Foldify, studio Pixle, headquartered in Warsaw, released two mobile applications – a simulator of the school board and puzzle Bord Fruitz, and several tools for designers.

Link: http://foldifyapp.com/