Social network Facebook today updated its mobile software for the operating system Android, significantly increasing the performance of mobile client. Frank DU, engineer Facebook Android Team, said that the social network uses a new approach to writing code, which increased application performance, faster, view photos or post comments.

Also in the new version of the application is now a special banner that displays the most recent message to the user, regardless of whether sent to the user in the news flow or not. In Facebook says that the new version of the application in general significantly updated the code base, especially given the latest version of Android. “The transition to the new code base allows us to move forward in the future. We have introduced a new low-level architecture of the application and it allows the application to run faster, smoother and get support new features,” – said DU.

According to the latest statistics, the number of mobile users now Facebook exceeds 600 million, up 60% from a year earlier. In the past, investors greatly criticized for the lack of Facebook mobile initiatives in the company. In August, Facebook updated the mobile client for iPhone and iPad.

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