BitDefender Mobile SecurityBitDefender Mobile Security, protects devices running operating systems Microsoft Windows Mobile or Symbian. In BitDefender Mobile Security includes all the design used by the company to combat computer viruses. This product is a convenient and simple program that will protect the device to use.

Antivirus BitDefender Mobile Security is the plug-in, to scan the desired area on demand, small-sized database update, and is designed to meet the minimum resource consumption device.

Advantages of anti-virus

Mobile antivirus from BitDefender includes the following features and benefits of using the (brief):

– Virus protection in real time;
– Scan on demand, the target area;
– Low consumption of system resources;
– Updating from a PC or GPRS;
– Ease of use, simple interface.

Description BitDefender Mobile Security

The program contains the following:

Protection against viruses and malware – at boot automatically start antiviral screen that monitors the implementation files. This prevents running malicious files.
On-demand scanning – BitDefender Mobile Security can scan devices: RAM area or the entire device (including the card). You can scan packed files, which are packed with common archivers.
Quick update – the program can be updated using a GPRS connection, and using a personal computer connected to the Internet as a vehicle to load.
Optimization for the device – BitDefender Mobile Security is designed to meet the requirements for mobile devices, with minimal resource consumption.
Easy and intuitive interface – Antivirus has a friendly interface that will be clear to everyone. Installing the software is available from your computer or from the download from your mobile device.
Support – BitDefender Mobile Security is a constant support online. All the issues that arise from use of the product can be solved quickly with the help of support services.

Supported devices

Download free antivirus for mobile BitDefender Mobile Security, version for all operating systems can the link above.

The program supports the following devices and systems:

– Smartphones and Pocket PCs that use the Windows Mobile 2002 and newer;
– Symbian 80 (7.x);
– Symbian 60 (7.h/8.h).

WARNING! Antivirus BitDefender Mobile Security does not support phones based on Series60 3rd Edition (Symbian 9.x).