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server networksUpcoming games releasing in early 2014

2014 is just a couple of days away and it’s time to have a closer look at some upcoming games that will make an impression on avid, amateur, and professional players out there. The gaming industry is now more advanced than ever. Gamers are looking for bolder experiences, better characters, and a lot more advanced graphics …

Tune Your Landing Page To Sky-High Conversion

Greetings, online bounty hunters! The hour to share a generous portion of fresh and actual information on how to increase conversion of your website has struck again. You are just about to dive into the depths of high conversion design nuances, so fasten your seatbelt …


Laptops And Hybrids Coming In 2014

With advances in laptop and hybrid technology arriving almost everyday, it will be exciting to see these offerings in 2014! Okay, so we all know how quickly technology can change. Innovations in processing technology, touch-screen technology and design aesthetic mean that sleek …Ratings 5 stars

Top Ways Professionals Use Their Android Device For Collaboration

For a while, the main factor for large companies was the security of the device itself …

Projected Growth Of Mobile Technology In 2014

In a matter of a few years, mobile devices have gone from an unnecessary luxury to an absolutely integral part of our lives …

Upcoming Mobile Phones To Look out For In 2014

For tech savvy phone lovers 2013 has been quite a treat. Ranging from the waterproof Sony phones to the ultra-light sleek iPhone, there has been innovation which kept everyone dwelled into what’s coming …Ratings 5 stars

5 Cool Apps Made Especially for Freelancers

The number of freelancers is on the rise and some pretty big claims are currently being thrown …

Windows 8 vs Windows XP on the old laptop

However, many PC owners do not hurry to use this advice …


Web DesignThree Key Things Company Owners Must Do to Choose a Quality Web Design Firm

A well designed website is imperative for a business to thrive successfully online. An eye-catching presentation about the company’s products and services will be provided that will cause an increased number of sales conversion rates…

sip and skypeSIP V/s SKYPE: The Hypothesis

SIP and SKYPE both are the means to enjoy IP telephony. Find out the differences between the two. FCC report of 2010 suggests that 23 % of all voice-based communications in the United States was performed via SIP-based communication system…

managing your financesA Guide To Excel For Managing Your Finances

This article is a guide to excel that will help you in managing and keeping track of your finances. If you want to manage your finances and make sure that you save a certain amount of money in a certain amount of time, or that you stop haemorrhaging cash, then one of the best tools you can possibly use is Excel …

OmniJoinNext-Gen Web Conferencing Solution Released: OmniJoinTM From Brother®

The success of virtually any business depends on the efficiency of communication, the speed of making decisions, and timely adaptation to a rapidly changing world. OmniJoin, a web conferencing solution from Brother, responds to these needs by helping your business maintain effective communication…

databasesDeduplication: An Innovative Approach To Protect Your Database

Running a business is no more a cakewalk in today’s epoch. You need to be attentive, alert and updated regarding the latest techniques and methods which could keep your business in the long run

Mobile World Congress 2014The Best Devices At The 2014 Mobile World Congress

For hard-core mobile techies and enthusiasts, there are few bigger events on the calendar than the annual Mobile World Congress. The February event, staged annually in Barcelona, Spain, is one part massive mobile technology exhibition, one part industry super conference…

SiteLock Security SuiteNecessity of SiteLock Security Suite with your Hosting Service

The SiteLock services specialize in malware detection and removal. Conventional web protection models are often insufficient in the face of organized hacking attacks. If malware products infect your site, the search engine deems you unsafe …

Domain NameDomain Name Tips: Finding the Best Option

Finding the best domain name is something like choosing the name of a band. It is incredibly difficult because you have to pick something that makes sense, something that you like right now and something that you will still like in the future. There are plenty of stories about bands who work for a long time to settle on a name when they are just starting out and then all of the band members end up hating the name in ten years …

android appsDeveloper Conversion: Why Developers Should Embrace The Droid

Despite the fact that Android currently accounts for the majority of the smartphone and mobile device market share in the world, developers have been slow to move towards the Android platform. The majority of applications are pumped into iOS first and Android second …

Microsoft SharePoint 2013How To Make IT Projects Like Microsoft SharePoint A Success

When launching any IT software project you have to plan and manage. Most people have heard the stories about IT projects going wrong and causing big companies thousands of pounds with nothing to show for it …