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server networksUpcoming games releasing in early 2014

2014 is just a couple of days away and it’s time to have a closer look at some upcoming games that will make an impression on avid, amateur, and professional players out there. The gaming industry is now more advanced than ever. Gamers are looking for bolder experiences, better characters, and a lot more advanced graphics …

Tune Your Landing Page To Sky-High Conversion

Greetings, online bounty hunters! The hour to share a generous portion of fresh and actual information on how to increase conversion of your website has struck again. You are just about to dive into the depths of high conversion design nuances, so fasten your seatbelt …


Laptops And Hybrids Coming In 2014

With advances in laptop and hybrid technology arriving almost everyday, it will be exciting to see these offerings in 2014! Okay, so we all know how quickly technology can change. Innovations in processing technology, touch-screen technology and design aesthetic mean that sleek …Ratings 5 stars

Top Ways Professionals Use Their Android Device For Collaboration

For a while, the main factor for large companies was the security of the device itself. Every big corporation in existence has started out from something infinitesimally small …

Projected Growth Of Mobile Technology In 2014

In a matter of a few years, mobile devices have gone from an unnecessary luxury to an absolutely integral part of our lives …

Upcoming Mobile Phones To Look out For In 2014

For tech savvy phone lovers 2013 has been quite a treat. Ranging from the waterproof Sony phones to the ultra-light sleek iPhone, there has been innovation which kept everyone dwelled into what’s coming …Ratings 5 stars

5 Cool Apps Made Especially for Freelancers

The number of freelancers is on the rise and some pretty big claims are currently being thrown about – Intuit predicts more than 40 percent of the US workforce will be …

Windows 8 vs Windows XP on the old laptop

However, many PC owners do not hurry to use this advice …


Mobile Device ManagementThe Evolution of Mobile Device Management

There, they were joyfully received. And just as quickly, it seemed, they were snapped up by the corporate world, where they wasted no time in changing that landscape in a number of radical and significant ways. And today, there’s no doubt that the modern employee requires the ability to work wherever and …

LG G Flex 2A Quick Review of LG G Flex 2 smartphone

So will the G Flex 2 sell well? That is the big question. The first was a bit of a disappointment and whilst its successor definitely has a number of improvements the market currently dictates that there is a growing demand for cheap Smartphone which may mean the G Flex is nothing more than a bit part player in marketplace …

SEOTop Benefits of Engaging a SEO Company by Small Businesses

Most often small businesses tend to ignore the advantages of having a website. Here are some very good reasons why even small businesses will find it worthwhile to engage SEO professionals for improving the performance and ranking of their websites …

4mlinuxIssue minimalist Linux distribution 4MLinux 11.0

The presented stable release 4MLinux 11.0 of the minimalist user’s distribution, not an offshoot of other projects and using the graphical environment based on JWM. 4MLinux can be used as a Live-environment for video playback and solutions custom tasks, so as to recover from system failures …

Tech Predictions For 2015Exciting Tech Predictions For 2015

Now we’re looking at new technologies; last year saw the emergence of smart watches and other wearable tech, whilst Google continued its world domination by creating driverless car technology. But what’s next? What do we think 2015 has in store? …

Social Media VideoSocial Media Video Has a Great Impact for Your Brand Awareness

Social media and business go hand in hand. These days, social media creates more impact in our life than anything else. Out of 10 people, you will find 7 to 8 people are surfing net in their mobile phones or in laptops …

The Dos and Donts of BYODHeavyweights face-off: Nexus 6 vs iPhone 6 comparison

Google claims that its flagship smartphone Nexus 6 would be one of the best phones in the market. It is not yet launched but we will compare Apple’s iPhone 6 with whatever we have been told about Nexus 6 for now. …